Interview with Gwen Mack 

Brother Rufus Wonder,

I want to personally thank you for a great interview on Blue Monday show on Feb, 21, 2011 with Marshal Bluesman Wilkerson and myself, Gwen Pisces Speaks Mack. We look forward to having you back again in the very near future on

You have an amazing story and your songs are fantastic. I truly enjoyed our short but sweet interview. I hope you got the mp3 file I sent you.

Let’s keep in touch.

Sitting In The Park Show:  Rufus Wonder: The Chicago Interview on
WHPK 88.5 FM April 2010 with Bob Abrahamian - April 2010
Listen to the Interview

Hello Rufus,

 I just listened to the 'sitting in the park' interview and was extremely happy that I did so. Not only was it very interesting, but it was funny too.  Your memories of the 6ts record industry was incredibly vivid and detailed and in particular, it was great to hear you mention your co-artists at that time; Little Carl Carlton, Ed Henry, Harvey Scales etc.  I'm a long time record collector of US soul and have many of these records, so it was great to hear you discuss various songs within context.

I remember first hearing the song 'Under The Moon' in the early 1980s, at a now famous soul club, called 'Top of the World' in Stafford, UK.  This club has now a legendary status within the soul scene here in the UK, as it's djs and its members were a progressive crowd and liked to listen and dance to 'new discoveries' (6ts and 7ts soul 45s, that had until then, been unknown to the soul scene)  Within a few weeks of it's first play, it became a firm favorite with the dancers and soon became one of the most wanted 45s by the collectors and djs.  I remember one night in particular, when the unmistakable intro. began to play; there was a mad rush onto the dance floor, suddenly producing an electric atmosphere in the club.  At this Soul club, the clientele new what a great soul record was and boy, was this a good one!

Within a few months I had found a few copies of your record, on a buying trip to the USA.  Because 'under the moon' was getting a lot of airplay at the Stafford all-nighter club, many of the collectors and djs were desperate to acquire a copy, so I had no problems in trading them for other 45s that I wanted!

Btw, since you mentioned on the show, Edd Henry and his record, 'I love only you' Nu-Sound; I remember finding a box of these in a record warehouse in Florida in the early 8ts. We loved that tune too.

One question; the two original presses of the Lendo/Lando 45;  the Lando press has a Sheldon stamp in the dead wax, where as the Lendo press has no stamp?  Were they pressed at different pressing plants?

Thanks for your great interview and your exquisite recording of 'under the moon' atb, mark dobson (record collector and dj)


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